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Jacob Burak – One day when I am younger – €20

In this new book, ‘One Day, When I am Younger’,
Jacob Burak examines in his witty and lucid way the motives and decision-making processes that we overlook when routinely reflecting upon our lives. Based on the latest research in behavioural science, a profound social awareness and the life experience of a successful businessman who learned primarily from his mistakes, Burak tries to find answers to the questions that test our lives such as:
Why do negative events affect us more than positive events? Does it pay to trust people? How does our rivalry with others help in defining ourselves? And many others.

Jacob Burak is a businessman who became an author and social activist. In 1987 he established an investment company – Evergreen – a pioneer in Israeli Venture Capital. In 2005 he retired from the business world. In 2007 he published his first book, ‘Do Chimpanzees Dream of Retirement’, and in April 2009 published his book ‘Noise’. His third book, ‘Why Kamikaze Pilots Wear Helmets’, was published in January of 2011. All his books became bestsellers. ‘How Does one Find a Black Cat in a Dark Room’ was published in April 2013. Jacob is a Maltese and an Israeli citizen and has published several articles on The Times of Malta. One Day when I am Younger’ is the first book he is publishing in Malta.

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