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Lou Drofenik – The Reluctant Healer – €14

The small island of Gozo holds many secrets. When Laura visits the island of her birth, little does she know what surprises are awaiting her. As a therapist, whose knowledge is based on scientific evidence, she discovers she possesses a mystical gift, which gives her an insight into people’s lives.
On this island, Laura is destined to meet her childhood friend who, heartbroken by her swift departure from the island when as a six year old she went to Australia, could never form a stable relationship. It is here, too, that she works out the puzzle of her origins and finds out the meaning of absolute love.
In a vivid and heart-warming work of fiction, Lou Drofenik sweeps us on to the small island of Gozo in a story which explores the frailties of being human, the burden of memory and the tight bond of women’s friendships. If The Reluctant Healer is a story of mystery and tragedy, it is also, above all, a story about unconditional love.

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