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Paul Borg – Eternità – €25

Poeżija ta’ Paul Borg  |  Viżwal ta’ Gabriel Caruana

Borg has not sought to translate Caruana’s images into words, nor so much to enter into a dialectic exchange with  them, but rather to describe the oak trees that Caruana’s acorns have the force to grow into…  Borg hoists a heavier structure than Caruana’s serious fooling was ever intended to bear… Borg’s philosophical lyricism is perhaps what Caruana needed for his message to be better understood…
Peter Serracino Inglott

“Dreamscapes – chimerical delineations for a poet’s scores. Caruana is a magician and conjurer who continues to produce unending permutations in many a mediaSometimes the drawings evoke the works of such artists as Miro, Chagall and Picasso, artists who held on to the memory of their infant imagination.  Caruana also always recalls what he knew as a child, thus constantly mirroring his art with a spontaneous, invigorating juvenility.”
Richard England

“Borg conceives of himself as the defender of nature… He stresses nature’s defencelessness rather than its beauty, and his comments eat into our hearts. He thus attempts to solve part of the problem found in contemporary poetics about the role of the poet in today’s society which does not tolerate poetry much.  He has reached an audience that extends beyond conventional readers of poetry.”
Charles Briffa

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