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An Asylum For Mystic – €15

Mario Azzopardi in translation

Translated by Rowna Baldacchino

Literary translation is like embarking upon an analytic journey in an attempt to relive the creative act from which the original sprung. In other words, it must seek to reproduce in the target text the manipulation of the source language into literary language and therefore it constitutes a literary pursuit in its own right. This collection features a translation from Maltese into English of a selection of poems from Noti mis-Sanatorju tal-Mistiċi (Notes from the Sanatorium of the Mystics), composed by Mario Azzopardi between 1984 and 1994, and published in 1995. These poems are examples of Maltese poetry written in modern style. As typical of poetry written in modern style, they manifest sharply deviant figurative language and function primarily on a metaphorical plane. The translations follow the source text quite closely in an attempt towards rendering the expressiveness of the source poems while maintaining a natural rendering of the target language.

An Asylum for Mystics20
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