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Naomi Gatt – Wherever could they be? – €12

Benji opened his eyes. It was finally morning and he was extremely excited for the day ahead. He leapt out of bed and quickly put on his favourite blue jeans and baggy, red jumper. He dashed out the front door and skipped to the park to meet his friends as he did every Saturday. But today was not just any Saturday. Today was Benji’s birthday!

However, when Benji can’t seem to find his friends or his parents, he can’t help but wonder: had everyone forgotten his birthday?

‘Wherever could they be?’, is a new book written and illustrated by Naomi Gatt. It makes up part of Horizons new series for kids ‘Il-Ktieb Dejjem Ħabib’ and is the author’s first publication. This book also includes a Maltese version ‘Fejn setgħu qegħdin?’ which was translated by Victor Fenech who is also the series’ general editor.

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