About us

Our story

Through our humble beginnings we have sown a seed which is growing into a tree.

We believe in the power of books to change lives. Together, our mission is to foster a passion for reading by joining forces with authors to help create stories and communicate ideas which inform, entertain and inspire our readers.

Our people

We are a dedicated team of people who are responsible for bringing stories to life. Our team is made up of editors, proofreaders, graphic designers and illustrators. The publication house is involved in the steps which involve developing, publishing, producing, printing, marketing and distributing the book. The process involves collaboration with authors at every stage of the publishing process.

Our commitment

We believe that through books and reading we are helping to create a space where independent thinking, free expression, and creativity grow. In addition, we have a corporate social responsibility to extend our role beyond the books we publish.

We build relationships with our authors. We are close to the readers and the market and its challenges. And we are determined to embrace the challenges that lie in the future with courage and determination.

A leading publisher

Horizons has become one of the main book publishers on the island, winning various Premju tal-Ktieb literary prizes in different book categories over the years. Our publishing portfolio contains books penned by established authors including Mario Azzopardi, Gorg Borg, Charles Briffa, Lina Brockdorff, Lou Drofenik, Victor Fenech, Charles Flores, Audrey Friggieri, Gioele Galea, Albert Marshall, Alfred Massa, Gorg Peresso, John Portelli, Rita Saliba, Salv Sammut, Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci as well as introducing upcoming authors such as Richard Attard, Helen Borg, Michael Cini, Lorraine Galea, Sergio Grech and Stephen Lughermo.

We thank all authors who have made Horizons their home, our readers and all who have worked to make Horizons the publishing house it is today.